Ikat is a type of textile characterized by the unique dye-resist process used to make it. Threads are tie-dyed before weaving to prevent dye from adhering to the threads, creating the design. Once the threads are dyed, the resists are removed to reveal an intricate pattern.  he threads are woven on a loom to produce a cloth. The back strap loom is widely used in rural areas. Ikat textiles are mostly not wider than 50 cm due to limitation of the weaver’s arms length. Each thread has to be carefully adjusted to maintain the alignment of the pattern. The pattern usually seems to be blurred as some threads may not be prevented from moving during the weaving or dying process. The haziness thus represents the authenticity of this hand woven textile.

Working with IKAT textiles requires a meticulous planning for both the designer and manufacturers because of its patterns and dimensions of this hand-woven fabric. The unique patterns and the narrow width of IKAT textiles play a difficult role in the creation of these handbags. Each piece is proudly handmade with premium leather, IKAT or tapestry textiles and alcantara lining by a small team of artisans in Istanbul, where the craftsmanship has been passed down through generations. MadeinIstanbul is happy to present the active and stylish ladies a special collection that embodies tradition and elegance together with practical usage.